How To Choose A Domain Name

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Make sure that the hosting company you choose can provide hosting that will support running a WordPress blog platform.

WordPress’ recommendation is a host with the following minimum requirements:

Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher, MySQL 4.0 or higher, Apache or nginx recommended.

Do not use free hosting or dirt cheap hosting. They are not dependable, they may run advertising on your site and they usually have some terms that allow them to shut down your site for various reasons you may not be expecting.

Here are some recommended hosting solutions:



Marketing Blogs – First Steps First

When you’re thinking about adding a blog to your marketing there are several things to consider that will help you with developing your blog.

Is your marketing blog your only website? If this is the case you may take a different approach then you would if you’re adding a blog to your online presence.

Is your marketing blog going to be an addition to your current online presence (i.e. you already have a website or maybe even another blog already)? If your marketing blog is an addition to your other web properties (websites, blog, etc.) how will you integrate these together?

Either way you still will want to identify who your primary target is for the blog and what the main goal of the blog is.

Who you’re targeting and what your goal is will help define the site. It may impact the domain name, the pages and categories you choose, what you’ll talk about on your blog, how you’ll move someone from being a visitor to a prospect or a sale.

So rather then rush into getting a blog, take some time to think through what you plan to accomplish with the blog.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


We’ve intentionally left this post on this blog. If you’ve never had a new WordPress blog then you might not know that when WordPress is first installed it includes one post already on your blog.

And that one posts is titled “Hello world” and has the content that you see above the line of asterisks above. When you start using your blog you can edit or delete this default post.

This default post will be in a category that is also created called “Uncategorized”. You should set up categories for your blog posts. This is like choosing file folders for your files. Each post you make should be assigned one (or more) categories that are an appropriate fit for the topic of that post.

If you don’t select a category when you make a post, the post will be put in whatever category is set as the default category. Once you have created some categories you can select the default category in your blog admin panel by going to Settings -> Writing and selecting the default category.

Note that any category that doesn’t have a post in that category will not show up on your blog.